Are You Better Than The Moment?

Good Morning!! Do you believe in a God that created the entire universe just for you? Do you believe that He has all things already worked out for your good? Do you believe and trust Him in all your efforts, accomplishments and the fact that YOU can do it? If you do.... then why do you stay in the mindset that you have come to believe that you aren't worthy of accomplishment?

See, there is a belief in Christ, but there is also a belief that you have towards yourself. If God created all things for you, and He lives in you.... why don't you believe that you can truly do what He already chose for you? And maybe you do have everything together, or do you?

So, what needs to change here?

Tune into this 4:09 video and see how you can overcome your current circumstance by simply making one small change daily..... your mindset.

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