Are You Equipped?

Knowing that you are in a battle every day of your life ought to free you! Unfortunately, many strive to be free from every day challenges and obstacles, when in fact, they are the very thing that will bring you to a place of victory.

See, there is never a victory without a fight. There is never a ribbon, trophy, win or super bowl championship without an opposing team. In order to combat those everyday challenges and obstacles you face in the arena of life, you must have the equipment that is necessary in order for you to stand.

If you are a cheerleader, you will not be able to perform with a linebacker's gear on, and vice-versa. So, why do you hide behind the prayers and the words that grandma recited daily? See, Grandma knew in order to stand, she had to use the tools and the gear in order to see the results of the fight.

Is it good that others pray for you? Absolutely! However, if you do not learn from those that have blazed the trail before you, and use the gear that has been given to you.... you are in a losing battle. That would be like you going before your enemy and saying, "My mom used to pray for me, so..... you must leave me alone." LOL. I know that sounds crazy, but this is exactly what many people do.

So, my question for you today is this..... what gear are you using in order to stand and fight against your enemy of life?

It is time to bring out that sword of the spirit in order to truly see the victory that God intended for you to have in life!

Scripture ref. Eph. 6:10-18

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