Are You In A Fight?

Good Morning My Friend.... It's Friday and this entire week has truly had its ups and downs... right? Be honest with yourself in this moment, the reason prayer was and is a factor, is simply because you are handling situations that are far beyond your strength. And in these moments, is when you came to the realization that only the true living God could relieve you of the heavy burdens, and set you in the place of peace, trust and confidence that only He can give, right?

This place that you are in is a fight! This isn't some pie in the sky life... life has obstacles and challenges that will cause you to call forth the inner warrior that was placed in you from the only King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Remember, the contender that you are up against isn't a person, it is definitely a spiritual power that you must learn to combat with the right tools in life, so that you can truly have daily victory!!

Jesus sets you free, but you must also stand and do the work!

2 Corinthians 10:3-6 teaches how and what we are up against..... I challenge you today to dig that Word out for yourself and recite it in your mind as you are waking up. It is time to give the enemy of your life a swift kick in the butt, so that you can conquer the daily pressures that present themselves throughout your day.

If you need a refresher download daily, go to my HOME PAGE and click the link for a free download of I Am Statements....and speak them over your life daily so that you are ready for battle.

God Bless.... Coach Paul

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