Are You Living Your Best?

Good Morning!!! I pray that you are enriched today with what God has already prepared for you. In my time here on earth, I have discovered that no matter what good is in my life, it is totally up to me to embrace it, take initiative to put it in motion and also my responsibility to live out my best life. The things that are placed before me everyday is a sure sign that God is trusting me to not only make a choice to move forward, but also to endure the stuff that comes along with it.

These things that are in the forefront are really what causes me to live my best life. Is life only about the good that comes? Just the aha moments? The fluff? For me, absolutely not! Maybe you agree or you don't, this choice is yours.... but I will leave you with this question, "Why aren't you living your best life?"

It's time to live!

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