Are You Ready?

Good Morning! I pray this reaches you in good spirits and an open mind.

Getting ready for a thing, is not the simplest thing to do in a thing, well, at least not all of the time. Getting ready means to prepare for a thing, or even a place.... but what happens when you are not exactly sure what to prepare for?

Ever been there?

You feel like something is definitely shifting in areas of your life, but you just can't put your finger on exactly how it is all going to play out, or even why that would even be coming. And you have heard it said, "Stay ready," but how do you do that when you really don't know how to prepare for that?

This is the same for the 2nd coming.... Jesus Himself tells His disciples...."be ready for my return...."

We all know by faith that Christ is coming back, we just don't know exactly when. So, how do you prepare?

First, find the place to pray and communicate with God, a simple dialogue will suffice as you are stepping into that mindset of prayer.

Second, stay steeped in the word, look for areas in it that words pop out to you, and again pray that the Lord will show you areas for just that day.

Third, be accountable. Yep, accountability with someone that is walking out this thing called "salvation" with you as well.

And last, pray that God would send you a person at a little higher knowledge in the Word, that will help lead and guide you to the places you would like to go.

All of the above are the recipe for your spiritual success in order to "Be Ready" for Christ's return..... Do you really wanna be that person that Jesus tells, "I never knew you....?"

Something to think about.


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