Did You Tell Everyone?

Good Morning!!

It was once told to me, "If you talk your business, you have not business." It took me a few years to truly understand what that meant. As life went on, this began to be more and more evident and truly relatable in so many ways.

This doesn't only pertain to an actual physical business, but what you have locked in your spirit, your mind and your heart. The vision that you carry is more than what you or your circle can even comprehend.

Have you ever shared that thing with someone and quickly the words spoken back were doubt, unsure and depleting emotions? Or, how about some great fluffy affirmations, only to find out down the line, those were vain words only to make you feel like that thing would work? And behind the scenes, the whispers began to get louder and louder of why you wouldn't make it?

Yep, been there, done that! Tune in to this video and understand that what is given to you by God does not always have to be put on display!

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