Do You Need Another Plan?

Geez Louise.... are you planning another plan from the plan you set out to accomplish? Holy moly.... how long will you wait until you get started on the "thing" you have been talking about since 2008? Just a quick reminder.... it is now 2021, and it is quickly coming to an end.

Time is ticking on the ideas you have. If you thought of it, I am pretty sure.... someone else is thinking about it.

True story.... Do you remember "Salad Shakers" from McDonald's? I came up with that! Well, I was only 15, but the thought came to my mind for years. Salads came in a square plastic tray and I would put my dressing and croutons in it, close the lid and shake it up. I used to say, "They need to put this in a cup with a lid, and it would make life so much easier." Now, truth be told, I was high as a kite.... so everyone thought I was truly tripping. Not so much! Soon after that, the "Salad Shaker" came out!

Was I the inventor, No! However, the point is this.... not only one person thought of the Model T, or the internet..... but, someone did start the process.

So..... what are you waiting for?

Just get started.

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