Face Your Adversity

The first thing to understand is what adversity really means.

Adversity is the thing that will follow you and also lead you.

Adversity is the thing in life that will cause you to run from your very being and sit idle in areas that need to be moving.

Adversity is what will chin check you in your bravest and arrogant moments in life, only to bring you to the place of humility!

And that thing called humility will only cause you to shine.

Adversity is needed in your life in order for you to win!

That’s right, it is the power that launches you into the super bowl of your life! It is the thing that you face every single day that at times you call it the devil or your adversary…. truth be told, that adversary 9 out of 10 times is YOU. YOU can be your worst critic! This is where it is imperative that you understand that not everything that is a challenge or a struggle is the devil or kharma. Adversity is on purpose! And it began the moment you were shot out of your mother’s womb. It was a struggle coming out, as the tears rolled down those rosy cheeks, but you fought for your life as you took your first breath. And until you realize that, you will always have struggles and never overcome your challenges!

Now understand this, there is a real devil and his name is satan. His only M.O. is to see you fail! But YOU have the power to overcome, and that power begins with your mindset, and that mindset begins with trusting the only invisible power you can ever tap into that is real, and that my friend is God!

So, now that you have realized that the enemy is really the deposits that the devil has deposited in you, what will you do with your enemy?

How many more minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years will you continue to allow YOU to talk YOU out of your winning?

Write and evaluate your thoughts…

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