Friendship begins with True Connectivity!

Good Morning!!! Connections are vital in this life. They can help you in areas that are important for the tough seasons you may encounter. They are also the foundation of many ventures and collaborations. These connections can launch you into places that you never dreamt you could be, and send you to the next level that the Lord has for you.

Connections are great, however, if connecting with someone is simply to get you to your next level, you are climbing the wrong ladders in life. So many agendas are in the midst of our lives each and every day, and with social media you can get lost in the sea of chaos that paints the picture of next level friendships. But, if the connectivity is only benefiting the other party for their mastermind, ministry, or sucking you dry of your gift, then that is not a friendship, that is a leach that is all about themselves.

Too many times, I have seen someone want to connect only to promote themselves. You don't hear from them when you are needing prayer, an ear to listen or the hand in a crisis. These people are only takers and takers will take until you are left depleted.

What is the message today? Be aware and conscious of the suckers in life. Don't feel bad when you have to unfollow another contact. Connect on purpose, because you are on purpose! I too have had these experiences happen to me, and Lord knows that He did not create any of us to be welcome mats.

Keep it moving forward and allow the Lord to show you exactly where and who you need to connect with!

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