Is everyone for you?

Good morning! I pray this message reaches you well and that the Lord continues to bless you abundantly each and every day.

As I was getting my thoughts together on this topic, I couldn't help but think about the experiences that I have had with different circles in life. Raised in a very dysfunctional home and environment, my circle of friends were always fairly manageable. And when I say manageable, I mean small enough to know who was really in my corner.

As a youth, we began to move around a lot. The place I called home, was now being moved to an unknown place in Washington state, in an old Ford Pinto, not really knowing what was next in life.

New friends, relatives and schools to enter into with not a clue on how everything would work out. Needless to say, my world was turned upside down and creating tight friendships was not in the midst. No matter how much I tried to fit in, the circles were definitely out of my reach, so the isolated new kid is what I was referred to.

Until one move to a very small town, is when lots changed! I met a girl that became my best friend and she invited me into her circle of family and friends. This one year of my life was the best place I had ever been in. The conversations were without blemish, the unity was real and the laughter covered all of the pain that was deeply rooted in my spirit and soul. This is still the place that I visit every now and then with a fond memory of those moments..... these moments keep me balanced at times and keep me encouraged when things just may get a little rough in the seas of my mind.

Fast forward about 10 years...... back in the big city, making moves, money, building a legacy (so I thought) and was now making my own moves in circles that I thought were for me.... only to find that these circles were truly only there to destroy everything that I was working towards.

The closer someone got to me, the more they took. The hating of what they thought they saw, only drew them closer in to trample the things in my life that I was attempting to establish. I began to see that everyone that surrounded me, even those that I thought were rockin with me for so long, really weren't for me in this place in life.

Granted, the life I was living wasn't one that "A+" people functioned in, but the truth is that even though I thought life was good, it truly wasn't. And the lessons in those moments truly defined what and where I needed to do...... trust in something else for my peace of mind.

Fast forward another 15 years..... ministry. I thought all the negative was gone, and the people that I surrounded myself with now would be the perfect circles to be a part of.... slowly began to appear and the familiarity of what once was, had looked over the wall of facade. Now, there were some people that were and still are in my tight circle, but for the most part, I have learned that not everyone in these places of circles truly aren't for me in every area of my life, especially in the places that I truly need or needed them in those certain seasons.

Am I saying not to trust anyone? Absolutely not..... just take inventory of who you really truly believe will be there forever, and still guard your heart in the areas of your safety and continue to function in the gift and calling God has on your life. Keep your circle tight and safe and reevaluate those relationships every season.... because not everyone can live in your garden.... and that is another day, another story.

I hope you get the gist of what I am saying and not take this as a negative story, but one that will inspire you to take inventory within yourself, and see exactly who you are allowing in your circle.

God Bless

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