Less Is Truly More

Is less really more? That is definitely a question you must ask yourself in the context of the season that you are in or the situation. For example, if you drink coffee and use creamer, but not enough to change the taste, then yeah, less truly isn't more, right?

How about the extra thinking or working on a project that you assumed would only take a few hours, has now prolonged into 2-3 days of perfecting it? And when it was completed, you looked at it, and said to yourself, "I should of kept it simple." Been there?

Listen, give yourself some grace, some space and truth. Grace will allow you to look at a project or situation with overall lenses, rather than laser focused perfection. Space will allow you to see the overall with lenses of clarity and practicality to execute the situation, project or even conversation. And the truth.... only God can be perfect in your life, but if you learn the art of excellence, all of the above will truly fall right into place.

God created all that we needed in 7 days, not one. After each project He looked at it and said, "It is good." Step back from your project, situation and conversation and evaluate what is good, and keep it moving.

Coach Paul

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