Servanthood Is Key!

Good Morning!!!

As I was getting my coffee in this morning and reading some devotionals, I opened up my book, "100 Power Tips to Set You Free." Little shameless plug for those who haven't received your yet.... Moving forward, I came across one of my tips, #39 about in your indecisions in life.... serve.

I was in a season about 12-13 years ago, and it was a very frustrating season. I was really trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to be doing, and in fact who I was. This was a very trying place in my life, and it definitely was a challenge doing so.

My spiritual mother at the time, told me that in all my indecisions, I should serve. She helped me to understand that Christ was in the position of servanthood all the time, but there was one very pivotal point in His life here on earth, that servanthood was not an option.

Now, Jesus knew His calling, but with this example it shows us what is important in all the things that we do. And that is so serve. See, Jesus was about to head out to the cross for the sins of all mankind, but in one moment before his exit, he wrapped His apron around His loins and He washed His disciples feet, and that is a true example of what and when to serve.

See, at times,, you have to place yourself in a position that will set you up for humility only to gain strength, and that may seem like a backwards thing to do. But in fact, it will definitely launch you to the places you need to be if you are intentional about doing so.

So, where are you today? What can you reflect on in your life that will place you in the position of serve?

Answer all of that for yourself and you have a blessed day!!!

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