The "No" In Your Spirit is His "Yes!"

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel the tug in your spirit, mind, unction in your gut.... or heard someone tell you, "I don't think we need to do this, or go that way?" This situation along with many others in your life are definite messages from something much greater than you are. You may call it "intuition" but I call it the Holy Spirit.

These places of messages in life are the most pivotal and vital places and moments that can change you and those around you. These moments can truly bless you in ways that you can never understand until the moment of understanding. When you see the connections that these decisions make, you will be more in tune with paying attention to the spiritual signs in life, and realize that the No that He gives you at times, is really His Yes to something greater.

In the book of Acts 16:1-15, you will see the power of the listen, the power of yield, the power of submission and the power of His No!

Let His No's in your journey bring you peace, knowing that He has all things handled before He even formed you in the womb.

Scripture ref. Acts 16:1-15; Jer. 1:5

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