The Result of the Diligent

Good Morning! In my devotional reading today, the scripture reference below is one that stood out to me. I like to read the Proverbs every now and then to get out of the over thinking and get some practical, yet spiritual nuggets for the day.

Each one of these nuggets have helped me along the way in life, not only to position me in certain ares, but to come to understand that if someone wrote these nuggets over 2,000 years ago, then they too were in the same type situations as us, and these guides are a definite blessing to glean from.

When you begin to get into action in life, this becomes a diligent pattern that is hard to break when you stay on a consistent basis. And from this diligence, fruit begins to present itself to you and all that you stand for.

Is it easy? IDK, ask yourself that question..... and at the end of the day, look at your patterns and you will quickly see what results you will receive.

Take a few moments today and evaluate where you are, and write out a plan for yourself to get you moving.

Scripture Ref. Prov. 12:24

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