There is NO LIMIT

Good Morning!

Thank God it is good Friday! This is the day that we recognize and remember whom the son sets free is free indeed. Jesus hung on the cross so that we didn't have to. But, He also rose from the grave.... and there is NO LIMIT to the Power and the strength in the anointing that took place to give us life and that life more abundantly!

I wanted to share a quick message from our men's group last night from my dude Joe Delagrave. He shared something of impact for us, but I believe that it is something that will pour into you as well. "Permanent Victory" yup that's it..... Permanent Victory! There is NO LIMIT to the victory that was given on the cross and the grave. This means, there is NO LIMIT to your victory in your personal life, marriage, ministry, business, occupation, mentoring, coaching, friendships, exercise etc.

But are you willing to tap into it? Are you willing to truly submit? Are you working out of your own will? Will you pause for a moment and think about how much you are truly allowing God into your life to accomplish the things that you may be holding back?

Maybe you have.... Maybe you haven't..... the choice is truly yours my friend, and believe me, it takes so much pressure off your shoulders when you do so. God loves to lead us into the right path He already set out for us!

Listen, with God all things are possible!

There is NO LIMIT with God.

If you are a man and interested in joining our "Kings Men" Fellowship, click here to register for our email list to get you the link for our Thursday night meetings via zoom.

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