Thursday Thoughts.....

Good Morning!!! I hope you are having an awesome morning as you are grabbing your coffee, energy drink and reading this blog. Today's Thursday Thought is about the things that you focus on, and the reality that comes from it.

Have you ever been so focused on something like a car that you want to buy, and all of a sudden, you begin to see that type of car everywhere? I mean down to the same color, wheels and year? Yeah, me too!

I don't claim to be a psychologist to understand the psyche in all aspects, but I do believe that something in the brain is triggered to cause your mind to pick out those things that you have focused on. Something is etched or imprinted in your mind to see more of that than you normally did before.

This is the same for the daily life that you live. The patterns, the habits and the outcomes of those focal points that drive you. And this is where what you focus on becomes your reality. How so?

Just a quick breakdown as you take your next sip of coffee.... in your life you are surrounded by snapshots, patterns and habitual programming whether it was from your parents, school and culture. And as you begin to grow, what you see are now thoughts that can potentially lead you into patterns. A snapshot becomes a thought, a thought becomes an action, an action becomes a habit, and habit becomes a pattern and that patterns becomes a lifestyle.

You may have heard it said, "That lifestyle becomes your destiny." I don't entirely believe in that 100 percent anymore. All of the things that lead up to the lifestyle can be changed or broken, if you truly want it to happen. Your thoughts are only in control if you let them rule your life day in and day out. Your mind is like a filter and it needs cleaning every so often, so that you can have clarity in what you put out.

If you are focused on finding a false prophet, guess what..... You will find one around every corner! LOL. If you are focused on the stock market crashing, guess what you will freak out when it drops one or two points.... You get the point right?

So, what is your focus today? How will you change that?

I would love to see your comments below on your perspective of this entry for today! Scripture Ref. Proverbs 23:7


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