Waiting for God....

Are you waiting for God? There are a few ways to look at this statement. Waiting for God to do something, or waiting for God in the doing of a thing. It is not my place to say what season you are in, only you and God know that. When you are in the season of "doing" and wondering if what you are doing is exactly what God wants you to do, remind yourself that the waiting silently is truly the submission to the righteousness that you carry in Him.

So, let's talk about submission.... yeah not a very popular topic. But in total submission, you have total surrender, and that my friend removes the pressure of you feeling and thinking you have to carry all the responsibility of your assignment. Does it remove the responsibility of action? No. However it does relieve you of the pressure of perfection, insecurity and doubt to complete a thing.

When you release all of those things I just mentioned, that's what total dependence looks and feels like. So, continue to wait on God as a servant in a restaurant.... minister to Him and sit at his feet in the Spirit and watch what waiting on God will do for your life.

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