What is Your Belief?

Good morning my friend!!!

I pray you are having an awesome morning as you sip your coffee, green tea or that glass of water.... The question for today is, "What is Your Belief?" Belief is a huge word and it can go into so many strands of conversation. The first thing that may pop into your mind is the mindset of being a christian, buddhist, muslim or whatever.... Those are the labels that you put on yourself, but what is your belief? See, the labels that we place on ourselves and others are about the performance of what we do and what we show up to do..... but what do you believe that each one of these titles will do for you?

If you are a member of a club, and you get a list of all the benefits you can receive, you will tap into all those because you are paying a healthy price, right?

So, why is it that in the believer in Christ, it is a struggle to receive to that, that is freely given by grace? Is it because there is a belief that nothing is free and we have to be a slave to the owner of whatever is given? See, God is the owner and He has graced us with grace. Not from or for performance, but the love and the instructions for life that will keep us safe and protected. Again, this grace is free to each and every person, but its up to you to believe that it is for you!

So, what is your belief today?

Something to think about.....

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