Will You Tip The Scales Today?

Life is based on balance and scales. The way you see something from perspectives and narratives, allows you and I to make decisions based on these things in life. There are circumstances and opportunities, choices and decisions, hard and soft, love and hate. And you may add to that list as well, I think you are picking up what I am throwing down this morning.

When you look at this image of scales, can you see the balance in the two? What holds the precision of balance? What does the foundation look like? Is every link in the chains equal amount? How is the center crafted and engineered? Does this look like life?

See, when we are brought into this world, our minds are like this image, our life, our emotions and our perspectives. Then, somewhere along the way, from the way we see things and create things, the scales begin to carry weight on either side to bring balance to our lives. Truth be told, good and evil lives in us, and when we are able to tip the scales in the right direction, change in the world happens. In your mind, body and spirit, the good and evil are all about choices and decisions.....

How will you tip the scales today?

Something to think about, I would love to see your perspective with a comment down below. God Bless

~Coach Paul

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