Will You Trust?

The greatest life you can ever have is the life you hand over to God. The time spent with Him are the catalyst of your waking moments, the prayer time, the silent seasons and the vision for your life.

Do you know my homie king David? If you know me, then you know him and if you are totally honest with yourself, you just may know him in you as well. David is "Character" not a gender... yes, he was a real person and king, but as you read the life of David in Psalms, you can clearly see that the character and attributes are evident in your life.

Have you ever ran from an enemy, forsook a friend, participated in sin, praised God in your worst moments, had a complex about friends and family? Then you have a piece of the "David Character," and it is time to own the truth of where your salvation and protection comes from. Yep, that's right, it's time to Trust in the One that created you for such a time as this.

As you read Psalms 55 the entirety of David's cry, is penned in a book, sheet of paper or maybe on his heart.... and no matter what was said, David's end result in thought was "I will trust in Him."

So, ask yourself this morning...."Do I really trust in Him?" I pray that this Devotional has blessed you as it has blessed me as well.

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