You good?

Good morning my friend!

I pray this message reaches you with GOOD spirits today. Have you ever heard the above statement, "You good?" What was or is your normal response? Probably, "Yeah I'm good.."

But in that moment, or those moments that you have responded.... were you really truly good? I mean on the inside, the depths of your soul and the deepest part of your thoughts, can you really say that everything is really that good?

These are the moments in life that when the question is asked, the answer is usually delivered from the auto response tank that you carry. The answers that you have learned in life to protect your fortress, your gardens, your arenas and your sanctuary. And because these places are the places that remind you of the freedom of your pain, you respond with the very answer of "good" for the sake of trusting someone in those areas that they cannot fathom the peace that you have acquired in this place.

Okay, wait a minute..... pain and good? How does this even make sense? How can the two be in the same sentence for your peace?

Maybe, because this has been the place you called good from comfortability and complacency from the traumatic and unhealthy places that you created out of something that you didn't sign up for. This place of "good" is really the place of "not so good", but it keeps the safety of your mind with something that you can handle until the moment that the handling begins to fall apart. This is the place where self-sabotage begins to sink in and keeps you in the place you call good, only to turn on you like a rabid dog, that is foaming at the mouth with a bite in him that is ready to destroy you.

Yeah, this post is a tough one..... but its a real one. No matter how good you say you are, the only real good you can have is allowing Jesus to dive into those place and fill these spaces with his goodness, peace and mercy.

Luke 6:45 talks about good man and good treasure and evil all in the same passage..... each has one thing in common..... the heart. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So, truly look into your heart today...... are you truly speaking what is in the heart, or is it the script that has been rehearsed over and over only to be remembered as the greatest memory you have ever carried?


Are you ready to let Him in?

Are you ready for true light?

Let Him in and I guarantee, you will see the good flow in such a way that you have truly never seen before. It is time to release the baggage.....

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