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Hello, My name is Latreva, Author and Creative Visionary of Diary of Expectancy and Daughter of the Most High God. 

In January of 2016, I made the commitment to get back in position, pursuing God and to begin walking into my purpose.

I stumbled upon Periscope, trying to find a way to release what God was pouring into me. What I found was a community of many people walking in purpose for God. One of the most influential Periscopers I began watching was Pastor Paul Ybarra founder of Setfree.

Hello, My name is Latreva, Author and Creative Visionary of Diary of Expectancy and Daughter of the Most High God. 

In January of 2016, I made the commitment to get back in position, pursuing God and to begin walking into my purpose.

I stumbled upon Periscope, trying to find a way to release what God was pouring into me. What I found was a community of many people walking in purpose for God. One of the most influential Periscopers I began watching was Pastor Paul Ybarra founder of Setfree.

What caught my attention most was He immediately welcomed me into his scope family. He was so transparent. Pastor Paul didn't speak like others who were stuck in a delusion of religious superiority. No, Pastor Paul was the real deal. He opened my eyes to some life baggage that I was carrying. Each scope session opened my eyes more and began to release me from mental bondage. He taught me that our past holds us bound until we uncover the root of the issue and get healed. It was truly game changing for me.

One day He says "hey girl we need to connect. get with me give me ya number"..lol

That first phone call was amazing. He took the shackles off my mind showing me something hidden..I was going by the handle JUZTREVA...Paul said " You are not Just Treva" He made me realize that my handle that I thought was shouting my new independence of Like Me, Love Me or Hate me I'm Juztreva was really a declaration of self-sabotage stating that I was nothing. I changed my Twitter handle that day. I was being set free. In May 2016 I met him in person and Paul cut the shackles off of my life with one word. He said I hear "UNLEASHED".And that is exactly what God has done for me through SETFREE...He has released me into purpose. I thank God for finding Paul and I am grateful to be a part of the SetfreeLife Family 



Hello my name is Minister Pam and I would love to share my testimony with you.


I have been dealing with rejection for years. My Dad has been in the ministry all of my life and never found time to Father his children. Because of this, 1 - I looked for love in the wrong places. 2 - always battled with rejection.


I Prayed about it, wanted to call my Dad, the Holy Spirit said no, my Dad would call before the year was out. Coach Paul was teaching on Rejection last week, the seed was planted. Then Friday it all began to surface, the past, the hurt, it just overwhelmed me.

I reached out to Pastor Paul (Coach). He and his wife prayed for me. The spirit of rejection left and I stayed God's presence for hours, just receiving His love. The next day, New Year's Eve, 15 minutes before midnight, I received a call from my Dad.


He said God warned Him about not being there for his children. He apologized and repented. My Dad told me he was going to start having a better relationship with his children and lead his family properly. Why do I share this? God is using Pastor Paul to help bring deliverance to a hurting world. Reach out and get Set Free! In Jesus name



Before I started set free, I was lost, broken and hurt. I grew up with an abusive father and did not deal with the pain and impact of my upbringing. I was involved in ministry, but yet in bondage. This was until God brought Paul into my path. 

I first started out working with Paul in the summer of 2014 with his painting and texturing business at that time. During that time, he began to take me under his wing and mentor me. He became a father figure in my life that I never had. Then about a couple weeks after he started working with me, he introduced me to SetFree and the purpose of this ministry.


After starting my journey through SetFree and being mentored by Paul was when I truly began to grow. God used him in my life to bring healing from my past hurts, insecurities and addictions I had in my life.

There were times that were not so comfortable because it meant that I had to confront all of my issues. However, because of the authenticity, rawness and Spirit-filled environment of this ministry, it truly helped me to not only get free but to also stay free in the long run. If it wasn't for SetFree and the mentorship of Paul, I would not be where I am today and could not do what God is calling me to do now. I'm forever thankful of SetFree. 


When I started Set Free I thought I knew my worth but I took care of others so much that I didn't realize I didn't really take good care of myself. Set Free helped me not to try to please everyone and to take time for myself. I learned that it's okay not to say yes every time someone wanted me to volunteer, hang out, or do something.

Coach Paul and sweet Hollie walked with me through getting to the root of some problems and how to face them and deal with them. I had hid and acted or thought I had forgotten a lot of tragic things from my past because I didn't deal with them then, and was scared to deal with them now. So I went deep with them, did an inventory of my life, and it hurt to deal with some things but it was so worth it and freeing.

I realized how I had a lot of unforgiveness towards my parents even though through a lot of ups and downs I have great parents for certain things they had done. SetFree helped me to get to the rid of that and truly forgive them by seeing where they are coming from and seeing them more like God does. I literally felt a huge weight taken off of me and was set free.


Set Free taught me a lot about speaking life over myself and not letting others speak death over me. I learned a lot of practical things that I will always be able to apply in my life and share them with others. Set Free genuinely cares for others and empowers us but the choice is really ours to be Set Free and Set Free makes that clear. Set Free helped me to discover a lot of my gifts and has encouraged me to help others discover their gifts. I'm very thankful for Set Free, it's such a blessing!



SetFree was life changing for me.  Before SetFree, I was broken, rejected and didn’t know my self worth. I hated myself and more than that I hated men. My daughter and I were sexually abused by my husband (her biological father). Along with the sexual abuse, I endured mental and emotional abuse as well. I was controlled and afraid and I thought that this behavior was ok. 


As I started going to SetFree every Monday, I was challenged to look deeper inside myself instead of just the surface I was showing everyone. I learned to take down my mask, and see who I really was, and when I did, I realized I was pretty messed up.

All this time, I thought I was ok. I was showing the world that I was good, and I didn’t need any help. But God loved me enough to send me to a place where Real is Revealed. SetFree caused me to get real with myself and find the person I am today. My whole family was separated after the suicide of my husband. We were all scattered everywhere.


Today, not only are we a family again, we are walking in the restoration that God has for us. Are we perfect? Not at all. But now, we all realize that we don’t have to wear a mask and hide the pain, we can get real with God and ourselves and walk into a freedom that God meant for us to have.
I’m still walking out my journey. But for the first time, I love myself and I have learned to receive God’s love. I no longer walk in shame of where I used to live, I walk in victory and share with others how it truly feels to be SETFREE.!!
God Bless
Chrissie Moore


Breakfast, tears, and two gracious men of God. I didn't know what I was getting into, what door God was opening.  

When I met Pastor Paul, or "Coach" , he asked me one question that stuck with me more than anything else said that morning.  He asked me " Can God have a good conversation about you ? " I already loved my Lord so when I thought about this my heart hurt. I knew God wouldn't be able to have that "GOOD" conversation about me. Then Coach Paul invited me to Set Free.

I didn't like meetings or 12 step programs, didn't believe they worked. Then I walked into Set Free that first night and knew I had walked into a room full of family members and that they were all searching for that door that would set them free. Coach Paul started speaking and the one thing that stood out most was that he never made you feel as though you were in a hole trying to get out but rather you were standing in front of the hole learning how to fill it in. He made me feel like a leader that needed to help others from my experience how to reach out and walk this thing out called life.

The most helpful tool he taught me was that I was worth it. That if I had come this far that God had something in store for me. That I deserved to give myself a chance to just see how that side of life would be. I'm grateful to Set Free and Coach Paul for all his non judgemental and unconditional love. Thank you.      



Hello guys my name is Joe and I hope this brief summary of my life story inspires or blesses someone today.

I was born and raised in an abusive, dysfunctional and chaotic family. My mom died of cancer when I was four and my father was an abusive alcoholic and in prison for molesting my niece by the time I was 12, making me an orphan.  I grew up hustling, dealing drugs and manipulating people for my own personal gain to survive. I spent life in and out of orphanages and children's homes, and in prison by the time I was 18 for dealing dope.

I do not ever recall experiencing love from my childhood and this made me distant, resentful and mean. This made me keep everyone I came into contact with at arms length. I fought a lot and stayed in trouble because of my bad attitude.

After many trials and tribulations, I attempted to bring my life into perspective and gain control, so I got married which ended up being another huge mistake. I still had this anger brewing inside of me that I thought God had removed. There were still some roots of anger, bitterness, resentment, rejection & abandonment issues that I tried to cover up. Well, I was exposed and learned a very hard lesson.

The hurt I felt from a failed marriage almost sent me over the edge. I thought I had everything under control. In reality my life was a mess.

I was going to DFW New Beginnings for years and I hardly ever spoke to a single soul. One day this little short Hispanic guy named Pastor Paul Ybarra, who I now call "Polly" walks up to me and starts a conversation. I didn't know who this guy was and too be honest; he made me a little uncomfortable with all his questioning. But his persistence influenced me to check out this God "Movement" called SET FREE.

Through this ministry, I have learned to confront my anger and my past head on. I have been taught that we can't conquer what we don’t confront, but first it all begins with confession. That is usually the toughest part, at least for me!

God has used my story to assist in Set Free ministries on many different fronts from mentoring individually, feeding the homeless, casting out demons and strongholds to being an Armor Bearer. I now utilize these acquired skills I learned to assist and mentor others as a Prayer Warrior at Daystar Television Network. Looking back just 2 years ago, I would not have ever dreamed that God could ever do such an impossible miracle in my life, and to HIM I give all the Glory! I hope this helps someone today as tears of joy finally escape and are freed to roam!

Amen! Be Blessed Yall - Joe Thomas