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What is "Your After?"

"Your After" is the action that you take beyond learning or experiencing something.  You may have encountered in life that there are some things that have been left undone, whether in or out of your control.  So, for the things that you could have controlled, have you ever wondered why you didn't finish or accomplish that thing?  That goal?  That book?  That degree?  

This is a place in life that is not the easiest to swallow and it will keep you in a spiritual paralysis when things are constantly left undone.  

The undone things in life aren't necessarily an actual physical thing, it could be an unfinished relationship that may need closure.  A friendship that may need some forgiveness, and or a family circumstance that is driving you to a guilty place.  You get the point.... If any of this is resonating with you, then fill out the email form below so that you can be a part of a community that is reaching for completion.  Or, if you know anyone that needs this inspiration and community, then please share this out to your friends and family.  

Thank you again for joining the "After"

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